Monday, June 6, 2011

Exceeding expectations...

Today was a great day. The developmental and physical therapists from early intervention came to do baby beautiful's 9 month assessment. She amazed us all. In each category, she tested at or above her current age...testing as high as 11 months for cognitive development and movement. I was so proud if her. Then, after the EI folks left, she took her first steps!!! She stood up on her own and took two steps toward me!! She promptly fell on her face, and finished her journey by crawling to her mama.

Last weekend she began waving bye bye and clapping. She also reached for her bottle and said baba. It was so stinking cute.

Above all, I'm happy I was there to see her first steps. I was first to see it, and she was coming to me!

It is a bit bittersweet. My baby is growing up too quickly! I don't know where my itty bitty newborn went. I still cant believe she's been away from me for almost 8 months. I miss every moment that I'm not with her. :(

It's happy moments like her meeting milestones that helps me survive the moments where my heart is aching.

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