Wednesday, May 18, 2011

At a snail's pace...

Our juvenile justice system simply moves at a snail's pace. That's all there is to it. I'm so incredibly frustrated today. I had a court date today. I new nothing would be accomplished, really. It was simply a hearing to set the date for my the adjudication hearing. That hearing is not until July 13! In our county, juvenile court only takes place every other Wednesday. The 13th of July was the next open date on the court calendar. That freaking stinks. They were so quick to steal her from me, but they are so slow to allow me the chance to prove myself innocent. Our system is so backward!

So, what exactly is an adjudication hearing? To the best of my knowledge, it is like a trial, but in juvenile court. Both sides have the opportunity to present witnesses and both sides can cross examine the witnesses. I'll have a chance to get on the stand in my own defense. At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge makes a ruling. She can say one of four things.

1. DCFS was wrong to take my baby, and will return her immediately

2. DCFS was right to take her, but she has been gone long enough, and send her home that day.

3. DCFS was right to take her and give my caseworker discussion in returning her home.

4. DCFS was right to take her and set another date further down the road to send her home.

Let's hope and pray for option #1!!! At this point, I'd settle for option #2. If the judge chooses option -#1, I can use that ruling in my appeal to DCFS to have this erroneous accusation removed from my file, so that I can once again work with kids.

So, what's another 2 months??? Ugh.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today was my first official mother's day. It has been filled with a mixture of emotions. This morning, I was feeling sorry for myself. It just isn't fair that on my first mother's day, my daughter woke up in a different house than me. Nothing related to this situation is fair. So, I had a pity party.

But, then I saw my daughter. She was so cheerful this morning. She lept toward me as soon as she saw me. Then, she must have known I needed a big pick me up. After church, we were in the basement during coffee hour. Baby Beautiful was playing on the floor. She started to crawl toward the stairs. I wasn't too worried, since 8 month olds aren't supposed to be able to crawl up the stairs. Well, she did it! I stood right behind her so she wouldn't fall, and she climbed up about 8 steps! Holy cats! It took about 10 min for her to do it...and she was so proud of herself! I caught the last 3 steps on video on my phone. I'm such a proud mommie!

The rest of the day was great! I was able to celebrate with my family, including my beautiful daughter's namesake! we had a great dinner and had fun at the park. She partied hard...and was sound asleep by 7pm.

I'm a bit sad again, but I will be able to cherish the memories of this day with baby Beautiful forever!

Oh, and at the advise of someone who commented on my blog, I'll be referring to my daughter as Baby Beautiful from now on instead of baby xxx. She is too beautiful to be called xxx!

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