Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How is she now...and thank you!

A lot of people have contacted me via facebook wondering how Baby beautiful is doing today. The answer is simple...she's perfect!  She has no lasting problems from the seizures or from the bleeding.  She has had numerous assessments done by the early intervention team, and they have all concluded that she is meeting or exceeding all developmental milestones.  Her last assessment was done in the beginning of February...she was barely 5 months old.  At this assessment in several categories, she tested at the 6 month level and in one she tested at the 8 month level.  Cognitively, she was doing some skills that are not typically present until 9 and 11 months.  The only thing that she was not yet doing was rolling over.  Well...she showed them...that same week she decided that rolling was fun!  Tomorrow, I will be taking her to see a doctor that specializes in developmental assessments.  She will see him once a year until she is 3.  I'm excited to see how she is doing!  She has been sitting completely unassisted since the day she turned 4 months.  She has been standing holding on to furniture since was was a week past her 4 month birthday.  She laughs and coos.  She smiles and flirts.  She is such a joy to be around.  Her latest trick is filling her mouth with formula and then blowing raspberries while it is still in her mouth!  Fun!!! (or not for me!)  She has her two bottom teeth.  She is simply amazing.  I was very terrified that any amount of bleeding or simply the seizures could leave her with a devlopmental disability.  Those fears are now behind me.  I am certain that she will be smart...just like her mommy! 

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone for their outpouring of support.  It means so much to me.  It took a lot of courage to put myself out here like this.  I'm so happy that I did.  I only wish I had done it sooner!  I was afraid that people might be skeptical and judgmental.  But, as a friend told me...if someone wants to be negative...they aren't worth having as a friend. I did nothing wrong.  I have nothing to be embarrased about.  So....thank you!  I really have amazing friends and family!  I also can't believe that not 24 hours after I told people about the blog...I have over 2,500 hits!  Holy Moley!!!  Please share the link to my blog.  Let's spread the word.  I want people to know that this kind of thing happens.  If it can happen to me...it could happen to anyone! 


  1. Just wanted to point out Beautiful's name is still in this post