Monday, March 28, 2011

Our investigator...

So, another tidbit that I'd like to throw in here.  I have had professional head butts with the investigator on my case.  Gerry and I have known each other for quite some time.  It would make sense to start with what I do for work.

I work as an interpersonal violence prevention specialist for ADV & SAS (A Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Service).  Most of my time is dedicated to child abuse prevention.  Yep, you read it.  I work to END child abuse and here I've been accused of it.  How's that for irony? 

Anyway, in the past, I have reported numerous individuals to DCFS.  There is one that stands out particularly well.  Gerry was the investigator on the case.  He unfounded the case.  I told him to get his ass out of his head.  Probably not the most professional on my part, but that's what happened. 

When we were at court in January, Gerry, out of the blue, said to me, "by the way, Laura....this is nothing personal."  In my experience, when someone tells you it's nothing personal..that means it is. 

This is the same investigator that broke my confidentiality back in October when he told the story of my case to one of my coworkers.  That lovely specimin of a person chose to then share that information with everyone else in my office.  All juvenile cases are stricktly confidential.  They are not public record.  It should never have been disclosed.  Yet it was. 

Don't you think he should have excused himself from my case as a conflict of interest?  I do!  Thankfully, things are out of his hands now.  My case was transferred to a supervisor from another region.  We were supposed to have a hearing about it last friday, but the a-hole investigator failed to turn in a form.  So, things were once again postponed.  Ugh.  Postponement.  The story of my life. 

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