Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our system sucks!

So, I had a meeting today with my caseworker and her supervisor. The caseworker has to observe my visit with XXX once a month. Anyway, during the visit, we talked about Monday's hearing. I asked what will happen once I have the "unfounded" letter in my hand. Will she come home that day? The answer is that nobody knows. I guess my caseworker asked the state's attorney on Monday, and she didn't freaking know. Everyone thinks that I will have to wait until we can go before a judge, and then my attorney will file a motion to have the case dismissed. What sucks even more is that juvenile court is every other, potentially, I could receive the letter saying my case was unfounded...and have to wait 2 freaking weeks to go before the judge to have the case dismissed (if the letter was received on the thursday after juvenile court!). I freaking hate the know the one that us supposed to do what's best for the children. How the hell is any of this what's best for XXX??!!

Maybe this will be something to add to XXX's Law!

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