Sunday, April 3, 2011

So nervous...and XXXX Law

I'm laying here in bed, getting ready to start my day. I'm so excited...and nervous at the same time. I could potentially get my daughter home tomorrow...which has me thrilled beyond belief. I'm terrified that something will go wrong. Im terrified that someone will once again have forgotten to fill out paperwork. I'm terrified that the new investigator can't see the truth. I'm seriously sick over this.

I think all if the stress has gotten my immune system down. I picked up XXX's cold yesterday. I feel like crap!

I really look forward to the day that I don't wake up with a headache or a terrible stomach ache! That day will come...but how soon?

I am truly amazed by the outpouring of support that I have received. Some people really blow me away with how kind they can be. As a result of coming forward with my story, many others, who have been screwed by the system have contacted me. On glad I'm not alone, but so sad that other's also know what this pain feels like. One mom told me her kids were taken for a year, because of her toddler's bruises. They later found he had a bleeding disorder that causes bruising when the child bumps into something. BTW, that happened at the same hospital XXX was at.

All the more reason for XXX's law! I want a law that mandates second opinions be offered in all cases where medical testing is what DCFS is using to price their case! Doctor's aren't perfect. They call it "practicing medicine" for a reason. The other mom I described, could absolutely have benefitted from a 2nd opinion. The law will also stare that the 2nd opinion should be offered within a week. I've been waiting 5.5 months for my second opinion. I'll have to think through the law I want written more carefully, but I won't back down until it is in place.

Ok, I need to get dressed. I'm meeting Dad, Lori, and Miss XXX at church soon!

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